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I Pee When I Sneeze: Is This Normal?

For anyone who asks, I pee when I sneeze: is this normal? Let’s get right to the point, NO is the answer. This type of leakage is not normal. There may be an unknown number of people with this type of incontinence, but that doesn’t make it normal. You don’t need to go through life with embarrassing leakage. Let’s find out what your options are.

More NOs

It’s not normal to pee when you sneeze. It’s not normal to pee when you laugh. It’s not normal to pee when you cough. It’s not normal after giving birth, and it’s not normal as you age. This also includes exercising or lifting heavy items.

It is not normal to leak under any of these circumstances, so there must be specific ways and treatments to correct a leakage problem.

Stress Incontinence And Your Options

This type of leakage is known as stress incontinence and it is common in women. A woman’s pelvic floor muscles normally tighten to prevent urine leakage, but they can become weak. Once that occurs, it is common to have stress incontinence and leakage.

Lifestyle Options

You can try some of the following to eliminate or lessen your episodes of stress incontinence:

  • Learn pelvic floor exercises (Kegel exercises) to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles
  • Reduce the amount of fluids you consume
  • Avoid caffeine, carbonated drinks, and alcohol
  • Quit smoking which may help to decrease a chronic cough
  • Frequent voiding to help train your bladder

Talk with your physician as you reduce fluids to not become dehydrated.

Non-Surgical Options Or Devices

A vaginal pessary is one option to support your bladder and prevent leakage.

A urethral insert is like a tampon that can be worn throughout the day and is disposable.

Surgical Options

The most common surgery today is a mid-urethral sling. This is a simple 15-minute in-office procedure where a sling is inserted to help support the urethra.

Most Importantly

Speak with Dr. Grigoriev in Las Vegas, NV about which options are best for you. Discuss the pros and cons of each. If you are considering having more children, ask about when is the best time to have a surgical procedure.

Don’t live with stress incontinence. It’s not normal, and there are ways to reduce or eliminate it.

Contact Dr. Grigoriev at 702-233-0727 if you are having a leakage issue and to discuss your treatment options.

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